Puer is an unique microbial fermented tea from the highlands of Yunnan China. Its leaves are picked from trees (up to thousands of years old), dry roasted, rolled, and finally sun-dried. At this stage they are referred to as MAO CHA (rough tea) which is essentially a green tea (unfermented). From here, tea-makers can choose to use the mao-cha to produce one of two types of Puers; raw or ripe. With time, whether it's raw or ripe Puer, its flavours, aromas, textures, and chemical compounds will mature and change. Beyond a change in flavors, the change in chemical compounds gives a body and mind feel that's unlike any other beverages, creating an ideal mind space for mindfulness, creativity, or deeper interactions with others.



- Mao Cha compressed into tea-cakes (all kinds of shapes but usually round)

- Young raw-Puers are essentially green teas 


- Can be left to ferment naturally (even decades if stored well)


- Developed in the 70s to imitate aged raw-Puer


- Additional step of accelerated fermentation

- Generally gives a calmer body effect compared with raw-Puers


- Can also be stored for further fermentation though changes are less dramatic compared to raw-Puers.