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Our Craft-series is made up of small production teas that are made by independent tea-makers. Unlike mass-produced teas, there is great transparency in its entire making process. All the craft-teas are created with high quality raw materials and with a lot of love.

ChangShou Teahouse


ChangShou is an unassuming little tea house located in Shaxi Yunnan. HangHang, its founder, has dedicated himself to the craft of tea-making since 2014. Spending several months each year in tea-mountains, he works directly with small-scale tea farmers in Yiwu and Lingchang.

HangHang specialises in Puer and DianHong (Yunnan Black) and he works exclusively with tea-farmers who grow their tea-trees in well-balanced healthy ecosystems without the use of pesticides. He oversees the entire tea-making process from picking to roasting/drying to caking (Puers).

ChangShou does little marketing and prefers to let their tea do the talking. They have gained a cult following over the years, offering very high quality to price. Taste their tea and you will taste the amount of attention and dedication that goes into each of their tea.



This is a small collection of our favorite aged-Puers that are 10 years or older. There are a lot of aged-teas out there and we have tried hundreds but we can only use our senses to make a judgment (of the teas and the sellers we work with). Since there are little information when it comes to aged-teas we have left out any information that we cannot verify and just present them as they are.


Canvases for your teas.