Jacob's Story

Close your eyes.

Take one deep inhale.

And slowly exhale...

How did it feel?

The first time I consciously took a breath like this I remembered it feeling amazing. I was astounded that a simple shift of focus could make me feel such way, like a blissful massage after a long trek ( even if it was for a few seconds). I also knew that massages only feel good because there are some deeper underlying issues, in this case with the mind.

Fast forward four years to 2016 and I am drinking my first cup of aged Puer with a small group of tea enthusiasts, in a peaceful little tea-house, in the middle of the ultra-fast-paced Guangzhou. I was attempting to meditate while drinking and I found it too difficult to shake off all the noise in my mind after a busy day. As I continued sipping I noticed a sudden sea-change, the storm in mind had suddenly calmed and it was after a couple more similar instances that I'd started suspecting the tea I was drinking. This was the beginning of my fascination with Puer. 

Mindfulness and tea are the perfect companions for one another; slowing down to appreciate tea and through tea we slow down. 

April's Story

During the years I was working in advertisement, I was constantly busy. I was spearheading towards goals, goals that if achieved, I believed would make me happy. But now I know, happiness is not something to be found.

I'd met Jacob in Guangzhou in 2016 and he'd invited me to a tea session and something unexpected happened; I fell in love... with tea. The warmth of the tea flowed through my body and left me feeling calm and soft. I started to become aware of my body through appreciating the subtle changes in taste, smell, and feel. My senses and awareness were awakened and a sense of peacefulness washed over me. At this moment, I'd realised that happiness is not something attained but a state of comfort and ease in the moment. 

Drinking tea at this tea house had shown me how inclusive and diverse tea-drinking is, anyone can just sit down and enjoy a cup together or you can have it privately with friends and family, or on your own.

I will continue to learn from tea and share tea with others in my life time, hopefully you will like it :)