Make the time

It can be as short as 15 minutes or several hours long. What matters is that the time is intended for you to be fully immersed in the experience.

Make the space

Prepare a space just for your tea session; a small room, space, or even just an empty tabletop.

The emptier the better as less things create less distractions.

Just prepare a comfortable seating space, a table, a kettle, a pot, a serving glass (optional), and a cup.

Maybe a playlist of calming vibes.

Make the tea

The process of brewing can be an experience of sensory exploration, of things that we'd ordinarily neglect.

Without any judgment...

Hear all the sounds in your environment

Smell the fragrance of freshly steeped leaves

Observe the colour of the tea, the tea stream when pouring and the leaves sitting in the pot

Taste the layers of flavours

Feel the texture of tea in your mouth, the warmth flowing through your body, the touch of your teaware, and the tea's effects on your body


You can try...

Follow the fragrance of tea with a deep inhale

Closing your eyes to increase our focus on non-visual experiences

Start with one sensory experience, and slowly expand

​If your mind has wandered too far, your over-steeped tea will remind you.